A Wide Range of Kitchen Doors in Canberra And Queanbeyan

Painted Doors

Painted doors are usually made up of an 18mm thick moisture-resistant Medium Density Fibre Board (MDF) and coated with a 2 pac polyurethane paint in the colour of your choice. Because it is paint, it means that you can select any colour you can imagine. You may also pick the finish, with options ranging from satin to super high gloss.

Vinyl Doors

Vinyl doors are made using a process called vacuum forming. The door is made using MDF board and is then placed into a press and covered with vinyl. The end result is a durable, hardwearing door with clean lines that will add a touch of class to your new kitchen. With a large range of colours, edges, and face profiles available, there is sure to be something that will take your fancy.

Laminated Doors

Laminated doors are made up of 16mm moisture-resistant MDF board and are coated each side with a melamine surface. They are edged with a PVC tape in either 1mm or 2 mm thick, making it a very durable hardwearing door. With this option, you’ll find an extensive range of colours from which to choose. Whether you want whites or creams, bright colours or darks, or even timber grains, there is sure to be a colour that suits your tastes.

Solid Timber Doors

The timeless style of solid timber will never grow old. With the uniqueness of the natural solid timber doors, your kitchen will be like no other.

All doors can be finished with a few different methods, including hardwearing lacquer, from a satin to a full gloss, stained or oiled. With both Australian and imported timber choices, you can be confident that your new timber doors will add a unique character to your home.